Meraki Green Development and Polar Night Energy Announce Strategic Partnership for Energy Storage Systems in Greece and Cyprus

Meraki Green Development and Polar Night Energy are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer innovative long duration energy storage technology, combined with solar generation carbon net zero solutions, to the hospitality, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as energy communities in Greece and Cyprus.

Athens, Greece (April 11, 2023) — Meraki Green Development has announced a strategic partnership with Polar Night Energy. The partnership will focus on deploying innovative energy storage solutions combined with solar generation to achieve up to 24-hour operations from renewables for heating, cooling and electrification.

Meraki Green Development is a Greek development company focused on providing the best-in-class technology solutions to speed up the green energy transition of the energy and hospitality sectors. Polar Night Energy is a Finnish company that specializes in low-emission, sand-based, high-temperature heat storage systems, also known as “sand batteries”.

James McDougall, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Meraki Green Development, says, “We are thrilled to partner with Polar Night Energy. They have developed a pioneering sand battery technology that is highly efficient and competitive in cost. The long duration energy storage system can be used for heating, cooling, and electrification. Their innovative technology helps to decarbonize the energy-intensive operations of the C&I and hospitality sectors, as well as energy communities. We’re excited to work with Polar Night Energy to efficiently address our clients’ energy-intensive operational requirements and help them transition to low-carbon solutions.”

Tommi Eronen, CEO of Polar Night Energy, added, “We are eager to partner with Meraki Green Development to bring our technology to Greece and Cyprus. Polar Night Energy’s technology is well-suited for the local market conditions and represents a timely opportunity to significantly develop and enable the decentralization and decarbonization of heating, cooling, and electrification requirements across many relevant industry segments.”

About Meraki Green Development

Meraki Green Development focuses on servicing the green energy transition in Greece’s energy and hospitality sectors. We work exclusively with international hotel operators and climate tech industry leaders to provide renewable generation, energy storage, green hydrogen electric generator solutions for utility scale, commercial, industrial and hospitality market segments.

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About Polar Night Energy

Polar Night Energy specializes in the design and construction of low-emission, sand-based, high-temperature heat storage systems, commonly referred to as ‘sand batteries’.

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James McDougall, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Meraki Green Development

Tommi Eronen, CEO, Polar Night Energy