Meraki Green Development Partners with Solintel for Renewable and Battery Powered Lighting Solutions for Greece and Cyprus

Partnership aims to provide clean energy lighting solutions that are self-powered with renewable energy and rechargeable batteries

Athens, Greece (October 11, 2022) — Meraki Green Development, a Greek development company focused on providing the best-in-class technology solutions to speed up the green energy transition, has announced today its partnership with Solintel of Estonia. The partnership will provide emblematic and innovative lighting solutions for municipalities and energy communities in Greece and Cyprus.

Illustration: Solintel Everything Integrated

“Solintel’s lighting solutions are renewable, self-powered, energy efficient and offer a range of functionality that enable municipalities and energy communities to lower energy costs while offering a range of services including EV charging, Public WiFi, traffic/security cameras, air quality as well as weather and noise sensors and USB sockets,” said James McDougall, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Meraki Green Development, “we are partnering with Solintel to bring this important sustainable functionality to municipalities and energy communities across Greece and Cyprus.”

“We are delighted to partner with Meraki Green Development to bring our solutions to the market in Greece and Cyprus. The market opportunity is significantly well suited for our technologies and represents a significant opportunity to displace traditional hard wired lighting solutions that are one-dimensional in scope and reliant on polluting thermal power generation for in most instances,” said Raul Reemet, CEO and Co-Founder of Solintel.

About Meraki Green Development

Meraki Green Development focuses on servicing the green energy transition in Greece’s energy and hospitality sectors. We work exclusively with international hotel operators and climate tech industry leaders to provide renewable generation, energy storage, green hydrogen generator solutions for utility scale, commercial, industrial and hospitality applications.

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About Solintel

Solintel´s pole is completely off-grid and works autonomously, using sustainable solar or solar/wind power. No need for expensive cabling, fast installation, easy operation and a low total cost of ownership.  Efficient LED luminaires, vertical solar panels around of the pole and batteries specially designed for solar panels what are installed in specially designed 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-meter posts. This solution ensures successful operation of streetlights with solar/wind energy even after up to four cloudy days.

The entire street lighting device is controlled by the Lumoflex wireless smart outdoor lighting control system. Solintel’s product is easy to install and maintain, making this street light the ideal for markets where the balance of sunlight is more evenly distributed throughout the year and where more than 90% of the world’s population lives.

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James McDougall, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Meraki Green Development

Raul Reemet, CEO and Co-Founder, Solintel